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Tearing disorder

Epiphora (excessive watering of the eye) occurs when there is involuntary tearing causing tears to well up in the eyes and in most cases, flow down the cheeks.


What causes tearing? 

  • Abnormal over-production of tears (Hyperlacrimation)
    • Dry eye
    • Irritative eye disorders: allergic eye disease, mebomian gland dysfunction, inflammatory eye disorders
    •  Aberrant regeneration (abnormal neuro-stimulation from recovery of facial nerve palsy)
  • Deficient blinking (Lacrimal pump dysfunction)
    • Ectropion/Eyelid laxity
    • Orbicularis weakness (commonly from facial nerve palsy)

What is the treatment for tearing (epiphora)?

This depends on the cause of the tearing and the treatment could require applying simultaneous treatment with a multi-pronged approach. It would be best for you to consult your Ophthalmologist to assess your condition and work up a suitable treatment plan for you.